July 6, 2016

Explore Stockholm County

 Week 3 of our Swedish summer trip included some visits to some beautiful places which happened to be in the county of Stockholm!
 Except for this mansion (Stjärnholm) which is in Södermanland but still deserves to show this pretty photo!
It was lovely to visit Torekällberget in Södertälje again, the last time we went was in the early spring time and now it was so green and full cute animals!
 This open air museum displays the Swedish farm life looked in the 1800s.
 The buildings are beautifully rustic and there's free entry to this museum, definitely worth a visit when in the Stockholm area!
 Next we visited Taxinge Slott in Nykvarn, also a little ways outside of Stockholm. This mansion is known for it's cafe with at least 65 different sorts of pastries or "fika" as the Swedish say.
  The mansion is lovely and boasts beautiful gardens and view of the water and even stables with horses!
We hope you are enjoying our weekly vlog + blogposts of our Sweden trip and that you find some of the places we visit inspiring for your own travels!
  -Tales of Sheaves

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