July 21, 2016

Swedish Coffee Culture: Fika

FIKA! A word that can mean so many things to many different Swedes though I think most of them can agree on one aspect: COFFEE!
We hope you enjoy coming with us on a coffee cultural journey in Sweden where Jonas & his twin brother Emil explain in a humorous way all that they know and love about fika time!
It's no secret that Sweden is one of the top consumers of coffee, sweets, and candy in the world. Perhaps it's those cold dark winters or the lovely summer days where the sun hardly sets? Either way, we LOVE the Swedish summer cafe culture. 
 Quaint old farms or stately mansions open their doors just for a few months every year.
One can sit in a beautiful environment and enjoy some coffee and a tasty Swedish pastry, I mean come on, isn't this exquisite?
 "Jordgubbar" are MUST for Midsommar and most of the rest of the season, mmm strawberry cream cake!
 Don't forget about the 7 sorts of sweets! "Sju Sorters Kakor" is one of the best selling books in Sweden and you better believe there's a recipe for cinnamon buns, chocolate balls, gingerbread, princess cake, and the list goes on!
Yes, fika is all about the sweets but it's so much more than that. It's a way to socialize or a way to relax.
Fika can mean so many things to different people but one things for certain, it's a lifestyle for Swedes.
 As an international couple, it's a tradition we love to do together and extend to our family, friends, and YOU! 
-Tales of Sheaves

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