July 27, 2016


Vikings, Trolls, & Castles, OH MY! Sweden is full of magical places a we are glad we got to squeeze in some epic adventures before we head off on our next adventure! Watch through the end of the vlog below to find out where we are going next!
We went with Jonas' mom, as is tradition every summer to visit a castle together, to Ericsberg Slott!
 This was such a magical manor and gardens, complete with enchanted labyrinth!
We visited a troll inspired cafe called Tuvatorp Cafe
in Vårgårda thanks to Jonas' twin taking us there! We absolutely loved the atmosphere and even got to meet the lovely owner who converted this old barn into a cafe. 
 She even makes her own troll dolls and knows all about nordic mythology and even does story telling here, a magical place!
 Our last big adventure was to Torpa Stenhus where they had an epic medieval viking faire!
It was a very hot day (even for Sweden) and we hopped between the shadows of the old style tents as we enjoyed the sights and sounds of the faire!
 This 1400s medieval castle was the perfect setting for such an event, it really felt like traveling back in time!
 Our last week on our Swedish summer trip was full of fun but also goodbyes...
 ...we've had a wonderful time and will hold these memories close to our hearts until the next time we can visit Sweden again!
As always, thank you for joining our journey and we can't wait to take you along for our next adventure as we head to New England!
-Tales of Sheaves

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