September 27, 2016

MARRIED LIFE: 4 Years & Counting

When we embarked on a lifelong wedding anniversary project inspired by Carl & Ellie in Disney Pixar's "UP" we could never have imagined where it would take us...
  Our mission is that once a year we will add a balloon to represent each year of our marriage and take them to a place that was special to us that year of our Married Life...
Years 1 & 2 were in Sweden and year 3 in California! We thought it was fun to have those years documented in the places we are both from but we could never have anticipated where we would end up in year 4!
When we journeyed across America from the West Coast to the East Coast on an epic adventure to follow our dreams we weren't sure where they would take us.
 We had a wonderful springtime in Georgia and then some misadventures in Virginia which left us almost homeless. We struggled but thanks to Workaway we were able to have somewhere to stay and get things sorted in Connecticut.
It was there we grew to love North East USA! We've been searching for somewhere that feels like home for both of us and after driving all along the East Coast we think we may have found our place... least for a little while! We never could have imagined that we would get to live in NEW YORK!  Let alone in the same county as Sleepy Hollow, which is of course is the special location we chose for year 4 or our Married Life project! 
 Funny story though, in the middle of shooting on the Headless Horseman Bridge we were asked to move along and we had no idea where to complete the video! We drove all over Washington Irving's stomping grounds and came across a nature center.
In the last light of golden hour, we were able to capture these photos and we think they are a perfect example of what our year has been like. So many UPS and DOWNS but always seeking those unexpected magical moments in between.
-Tales of Sheaves

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