October 13, 2016


 Come see more than 5,000 hand-carved & illustrated illuminated jack o' lanterns light up the night this October in New York, New Jersey, Boston, and California in the most unique and iconic family friendly fall event, RISE of the Jack O' Lanterns
 The pumpkins are arranged in creative ways along a 1/3-mile scenic walking trail all set to an original music score produced exclusively for The RISE!
  Last year, Jonas was apart of the California and this year he is one of the artists that has been apart an amazing talented New York team that brought this event to life!
 This year, Jonas even got to feature one of his own original Art, Tales, & Magic designs as apart of The Rise logo jack o' lantern!
 Isn't his scarecrow jack o' lantern perfect on a pumpkin?
We hope you enjoy the video and photos from our trip on opening weekend in Old Westbury Gardens!
 There's a fun selection for the classic horror movie fans

 A Charlie Brown tribute to The Great Pumpkin's 60th anniversary
 And of course, what is Halloween without some Disney...
 ...and The Nightmare before Christmas?
 The Halloween Tree is always a favorite or ours!
 This is all such a Halloween dream come true to be apart of again, and in New York this time!
 -Tales of Sheaves

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