November 19, 2016

Mystic Faeries + Boston Tea Party (Our Birthday Trip)

 We love that our birthdays and Halloween are just a few days apart and this year we got to spend it in New England!!! First stop was to Mystic where we stayed with our Workaway family at Brigadoon Bed & Breakfast. They through the best party for us and truly treated us like family, even though we've only know each other a few months! Our volunteer experience really brought us close and it was the perfect place for Lindsay to begin her 30th year.
We went in search of faeries at the Florence Griswold Museum where we got to discover ancient fairy civilizations around the world and through time and how their homes would have look! It was the most clever and enchanting exhibit and here you can see the gypsy faeries of Eastern Europe and their caravan. We also loved the gold miner fairy village of 1800s California compete with mini saloon! The details were absolutely incredible, intricate, and fantastical!
We loved the history of the house and the woman behind it. During the great depression era Miss Florence almost lost her family home but turned it into a boarding house which led to her opening her home to artists. Her home and property flourished with art and life again and it became the famous Lyme Art Colony which turned into a museum full of actual paintings on the walls that her tenants would do as a gift.
We had the most lovely time in Connecticut and then onward we went to Massachusetts! On Jonas' birthday we went to Boston for a tea party! We got to try the 5 historic teas that were thrown into the harbor a winters night in 1773 in protest of taxation without representation of the British.
We took a wander along the Freedom Trail where you can discover the history of the American Revolution.
It started to rain hard on us but we got to see the Paul Revere House and the Old State House.
Soaking wet we arrived to the Seaport to see the last show of The Rise of the Jack O' Lanterns in Boston! Jonas hand painted and carved dozens of pumpkins for this event which has several locations on the East and West coast. 
Earlier in October we saw the show on Long Island which was located outside on a walking trail but in Boston it was located inside (which we were thankful for because of the rain) and it was just as epic but in a different way. Being that it's inside they could have even more art pumpkins such as you see below!
We loved Boston and had such a great time celebrating Jonas' birthday there and seeing all his hard work put into the pumpkins! Next stop: SALEM!

Although all our Halloween adventures are on Lindsay's YT channel and blog we'd like to share some of our travel photography from exploring Disney's "Hocus Pocus" filming locations!
The Old Burial Hill is one of the county's oldest cemeteries and has the most gorgeous view over Marblehead, MA.
The architecture of the colonial houses in Salem is simply stunning especially when decorated for fall.
The Ropes Mansion wasn't decorated for Halloween like it was in the film but it was a beauty to behold nonetheless.
The Old Town Hall was in the center of activity on Halloween night and to see witches and ghouls wandering about made it truly feel like we had stumbled into Hocus Pocus!
Salem isn't called "Witch City" for no reason! Here's the house that has direct ties to the Salem Witch Trials. It was a Halloween dream come true to spend our favorite holiday in Salem and we hope to do more tours some day!
We love celebrating our birthdays & Halloween together and we hope you enjoy coming along for the New England October adventures!
-Tales of Sheaves