January 19, 2017

California Married Life

with another rewind video + blogpost this time looking back on "Season 2" of our married life adventures in California! Click HERE to catch up on "Season 1: Swedish Married Life".
Enjoy a timelapse video of all our California Married Life adventures!
We moved to California with just a few suitcases and high hopes but we certainly got off to a rough start since Lindsay had just had surgery on her hand 6 weeks prior and couldn't go straight to work as she had always imagined doing through the almost 2 year visa process!
However, we did get to enjoy an unexpected trip to the Magic Kingdom and explore Orange County since Lindsay's family had just moved there just a few months before we moved to California.
There's always a certain amount of culture shock when moving to a new place and what we like to do best in those times is go out and explore what is right in our own "backyard".
The process for Jonas to get his green card and social security number in the mail took almost a month so we enjoyed catching up with friends and going on little adventures in between all the waiting.
Some things just take time, there's no way around it, especially when dealing with government agencies. However, there was something to happened to us in California that we thought would pass with time but it didn't.
We didn't feel at home there...much like the feeling we had as a couple in Sweden. We thought if we just got to know the right people or found the right place to live that then we'd find our little spot in the world.
Starting over from scratch in another country had the potential for new opportunities but it also showed us how unprepared we were. We didn't have any rental, credit, or job history in the states and unfortunately the US isn't as kind to their immigrants as was Sweden.
We kept believing that the right things would come to us if we kept knocking on new doors but we mostly had them slammed in our faces.
We got Disneyland passes so that was a very bright spot for us during all the waiting and wondering...we could escape to a magical world almost whenever we wanted!

As our 2 year anniversary approached some doors started to open for us!

We celebrated by going on a little trip to the mountains and stayed in a cozy b&b and explored the California forest.
Jonas got a dream job as a pumpkin illustrator and carver and thus began the most epic Halloween season for us full of jack-o'-lanterns, paper moons, masquerades, and even got to be in a Hocus Pocus inspired music video with our friends!
We really did have the best holiday season of celebrating birthdays and for Lindsay to show Jonas all the traditions and things she grew up with in her home area. That is probably one of the most important things any international couple can do for each other is spend time LIVING (not just visiting) where the other is from, you learn so much about each other!
However, we started to see the writing on the wall that California isn't somewhere we would be happy living together as a couple. Lindsay hadn't counted on how much she changed as a person living in Sweden, that should couldn't go back to being that "California Girl".
We really thought California was going to be the land of opportunity for us with Jonas' art and for Lindsay with wedding planning but our time in California turned out to be for a different reason. We tried living where each other are from and neither was a good fit so we started a new adventure when we decided to move across the country and try out being innkeepers (Click HERE to see "Season 3: 1 Year of Traveling)! This was something we had talked about doing for ages but with visas, moving, and surgery that dream was put on hold for a while but came back to us right when we needed it.
 Leaving our California family and friends was heart wrenching but we hope to not stay away too long but knew we had to take this journey to try and find where we belong.
-Tales of Sheaves

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