February 7, 2017

Our House Share Experience

2017 has already been filled with so many adventures in changes! A few days into the new year we decided to put in our 30 days notice for the room we were renting in an old house in NY even though we didn't have another place lined up to live.
We'd lived there 4.5 months and we had a few strange things happen during our time there but when we nearly got smoked out of the house we decided enough was enough. We figured we had been in worse scraps before and we'd find somewhere else to live...and WE DID!!! We can't wait to share more about that soon but first click the link below to take a tour of the first place we lived in NY plus see how we managed it and hear the crazy stories!

Even though our time there sure had it's ups and downs, we'll always look back with a smile when we think about eating out of tupperware, squirrels in the ceiling, and our sweet neighbor who helped us so much.
Though, most of January for us was filled with working and trying to sort out a new place to live, we did get to have a few little adventures like exploring Lasdon Park.
 Jonas had 2 of his art prints as apart of a black & white winter gala exhibit in Newburgh, New York!
 We realized how we have had many life changing things happen to us this time of year. February 2015, Jonas' greencard was approved in Stockholm and in February 2016 we moved from California to Georgia!
Now, February 2017, after being homeless/wandering/traveling/volunteering/working hard for a year we finally have a home of OUR OWN and we simply can't wait to share more about that soon when we have settle in more! We're thrilled to have good things to share and thank you to all who have been there with us through all the ups and downs of our adventures. Here's to a new exciting chapter of our married life tales!
-Tales of Sheaves

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