April 20, 2017


Come along with us for a Spring edition "day in the life" at our vintage tiny home in New York + our early Easter celebration on our day off together!
 On Easter eve's morning Jonas surprised Lindsay with an egg hunt outside Buxton Cottage! It was a perfectly crisp and bright spring morning and Jonas so cleverly hid them among the wild flowers and in our faerie tree. The eggs were filled with Easter bunny chocolates, flower seeds, and even money! Jonas is truly the most thoughtful husband!
 Then we were both surprised with a large package at our doorstep with a beautiful tea set from @toadinwonderland (our IG friend-follow her for Disney magic!) The timing couldn't have been more perfect to accompany our homemade Easter brunch with a spot of tea in our new darling tea set from Grace Teawares. Thank you, Lanae for the most generous and thoughtful gift!!!
 After an episode of "Road to Avonlea" we got ready and set out to Muscoot Farm to see the baby animals! This 20th century farm has all kinds of animals, charming barns, and a spooky looking old mansion that was draped with daffodils!
 Next we headed to the Muscoot Tavern for a late lunch where we got a delicious salad and pizza. This 1920s era quirky restaurant is just too charming with its low ceilings and old bar. We just loved the atmosphere there!
 Hope you coming along with us for our Easter festivities! This is the 2nd year we've been away from families in California and Sweden on this holiday so we like to come up with different ways to make it feel festive even if it doesn't feel like how we grew up celebrating. However, perhaps over time this will be exactly what makes it feel like a holiday should be for us. Hope you had a blessed Easter and are enjoying the blooming springtime wherever you are!
-Tales of Sheaves

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