August 18, 2016


We thought it was better late than never to catch up on videos and photos to share from our Springtime in Georgia! First please enjoy a tour of the beautiful historic Mountain Laurel Farm where we stayed and helped at for 2 months through the Workaway program.
This video is a vlog of our time exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia in the blooming springtime!
But we had 1 day of snow!

It wasn't even forecast so we ran out with the camera and grabbed a few shots. This tulip magnolia was just starting to bloom, so we think this was a really unique shot!
The next day was warm and the snow completely melted, almost as if it had never come. We went out into the charming Alpine style village of Helen for some Germany pastries.
The spring we had on the farm was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL we had ever had! The trees had the most beautiful white blossoms and butterflies flitted around, it was magic!

 Our first few weeks there was spent doing a lot of work getting the farm ready for wedding season and on Easter weekend we finally got a chance to go out and explore! We hiked to Anna Ruby Falls to see the beautiful waterfalls.
Then we went to the village of Sautee Nacoochee,
a charming place with cute shops, restaurants, and a historic market from 1872.
The Lavender Cottage was a favorite of ours, EVERYTHING was purple and smelled delightful!
We made our Easter tree after the Swedish tradition of tying feathers to branches, but we did it with a twist! We used branches s with actual blooms on it, something that we couldn't do in Sweden since spring usually hasn't sprung by Easter time, we loved the outcome!

We were blessed to spend Easter Sunday with friends from North Carolina. We both drove an hour to meet in the middle at The Dillard House for brunch, and we had the most delicious southern spread!
The view was breathtaking!
Once spring was in full swing on the farm we got busy with weddings and Bed & Breakfast guests! We spent many a day cleaning and making beds in this gorgeous historic farmhouse from 1911. Be sure to watch the video for a tour of the rooms!
Isn't this red barn a rustic southern dream?!
We were so blessed to do all kinds of work here and help at 4 weddings!
We loved helping set up with the flowers and table settings and seeing it all come to life! It felt so special to be apart of making someone's wedding day run smoothly and we even got to know some of the sweet couples and their families.
This is the cozy cottage we stayed in for 2 months, isn't it charming? It's from 1940 but has been renovated and has the cutest Native America and cowboy decor.
We spent many cozy nights there and we can't even begin to describe how much we loved the view of the mountains and how those stars shined at night!
We will always hold dear to our hearts, the time we spent with the Lothridge family at Mountain Laurel Farm. They treated us like family and we had so many fun adventures together!
We can't recommend enough the precious people we've met and adventures we've been blessed to have through the Workaway program. We can't wait to share about our next Workaway we are at in Connecticut!
-Tales of Sheaves

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